Kubernetes with K3s

Regular Twitch streamer, Jeff Fritz (csharpfritz) has been trying to configure a Kubernetes cluster using K3s by Rancher Labs installation on six Raspberry Pis. They hit multiple roadblocks, such as trying to set up NFS-based Persistent Volumes in the cluster shared between the nodes, and accessing the dashboard. I took their frustration as a prompt to write up some tutorials that explain everything you need and why.

First, we need our cluster to have Linux of some kind installed. I will assume that we’ve got a cluster of three Ubuntu Linux systems that have had no other changes.

You should replace my username and node names in the instructions on these pages. For reference, my username is dllewellyn, and my nodes are named as follows:

  • k8s-1
  • k8s-2
  • k8s-3